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With deepest regrets, we are closing "PA Candidate" enrollment effectively immediately. We are proud to say that 87 candidates have enjoyed shadowing opportunities through ShadowMatch111. To date, however, we still have more than 300 PA candidates registered and only a handful of practicing PAs to help us meet our goals. Most of our registered PAs have graciously gone beyond the "1-1-1" requirement and have hosted multiple PA candidates. To them and all the PAs who have supported us, our heartfelt thanks. You've not only made a lot of potential PAs very happy but you have shined a welcome light on our thriving profession and on the generous practitioners who are proud to call themselves PAs.

In January of 2018 we will re-evaluate our ability to provide the service we promised. To all the PA Candidates who remain in need of shadowing assistance, we apologize. To all the practicing PAs in California who may read this, please reconsider your decision not to participate and sign up or call us. Give us a chance to share our personal experiences with the future colleagues of our PA community.

Larry Rosen

Anthony Gauthier

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