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I had the opportunity to have a candidate PA applicant shadow me a few weeks ago. It was a very seamless experience for both of us. And knowing that each candidate was pre-screened and instructed on HIPAA regulations and confidentiality was very comforting. Thanks for putting this program together. It's been a long time coming and fills a great need for those aspiring to be PAs.

- s.k. PA
I was happy to volunteer my time to help give a prospective PA a chance to see what it's like to practice in a clinic setting. The student I was paired with through ShadowMatch111 was exceptionally bright, professional, and eager to learn. I enjoyed the teaching experience myself, and I encourage my fellow PAs to share their unique knowledge with students by being a mentor.

- j.t. PA
I signed up with ShadowMatch a few months ago and have already connected with one potential PA. It was a pleasure to be reminded of the enthusiasm I had when I entered the PA profession 30 years ago. I still love this job and am dedicated to bringing other people into the profession who truly see this as a calling. I will be meeting with my second candidate soon and am looking forward to meeting her. I wish ShadowMatch was around when I was starting out. I think it's a great idea and anyone who signs up will be pleasantly surprised at how rewarding it is.

- m.m. PA
I had been looking for a P.A. to shadow for months. I had emailed and called many offices, but was unable to find one. I had heard about this new website shadowmatch111 and I filled out the form. Two weeks later I received news that I would be able to shadow a P.A. in the next few weeks. Without the help of shadowmatch111, I would still be searching for P.A. to shadow unsuccessfully. Thank you shadowmatch111!

- s.v. Candidate
Larry, I had a great time shadowing Maureen this morning. She was lovely and readily answered all my questions. It's been great seeing you, Anthony and Maureen at work. I am so grateful for Shadow Match 111!

- s.w Candidate

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